An Invitation to Work and Pray

While Catholics in the United States were the primary audience of my most recent post, Work and Pray, please know that it is directed against neither non-Catholic Christians nor non-Christians.  In a way, Work and Pray may be directed more at non-Catholic and non-Christian audiences, because whatever liberties you may enjoy and cherish will disappear quickly upon the elimination of the Catholic Church from the public square.  While some of you may not want the Church's religious beliefs within 500 yards of "your" constitution, it is necessary to understand to what extent the Church guards the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  Because the Church is over two thousand years old and is universal, the Church understands how dangerous an unchecked, tyrannically-inclined government can be to everyone's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, rights that do include religious freedom.  The Church, therefore, has been diligent over the two millennia of its existence to fight for the rights of all peoples everywhere.

If you are a non-Catholic or a non-Christian, please, if only for a time, put away whatever hatreds, bigotries, fears and hubris you may be embracing and join together to end this significant and determined encroachment upon the constitutional liberties all of us enjoy.  Stop reaching for the lies that divide us and start reaching out for the hand of your neighbor.  None of us can do this alone and together we cannot fail.

Thank you.


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