Creative Writing: Always Will

A brilliant warm sun
The bluest of skies
Full of white clouds in
A late summer breeze
Me by myself
Where can you be?
Why aren’t you here
Next to me?
Your strong hand in
The small of my back
Warm, gentle, pressure
Enjoying the curve of my butt.
Hold my hand
The perfect fit
Close, tight, warm, pleasing
Filling my need to know
You are here forever
My gentleman, my best friend
My proof of love
of fidelity
You are my shoulder
My laughter, my passion
The hug, the kiss, the feeling
This, you are natural and so right.
You are the one
To cook for
to cuddle with
to share my dreams
My joker, my jester
My sweet memories
An impossible love
A life yet to be.
This is what you mean to me
And always will.


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