Creative Writing: Demon Demon

Demon, demon on my shoulder
Whispers in my ear.
“Tell me. Tell me now
Everything you hear.”
“All I tell you is the truth. You’ll
feel it in your heart.
I hear tell of your failures, your weaknesses,
your many false starts.
No one really likes you. They’re
all using you just the same.
For everything that does and has gone wrong,
you’re the only one to blame.
I hear tell that even God laughs,
when you kneel at the rail.
Your thoughts aren’t real. Your dreams are fake.
All you do will fail.
Everything is nonsense. All your
life is crap.
You’re much too scared for life now.
Your fear has become my trap.”
“But what of my girlfriend? Surely,
she must be for real.
She loves me so, is always true and
always will be there.”
“Are you kidding?”
the demon replied.
“She’s a nympho, never true
especially to you.
She’ll never leave? She’s gonna stay?
But what can you offer her?
You’re critical, condemning
Always in her ear.
With all your fears and each
When do you love her
And take her in your arms?
You really don’t. You really can’t.
She’s having an affair.
It doesn’t matter.  What’s the truth.
It’s all because you care.
It’s not your job, after all, to
keep her to your standard.
You’re always right. She’s better off
keeping up her guard
Over her life and love and each of her
How could this be wrong? The peace has been replaced
with such beautiful confusion.
You little jerk, just a little more and you’ll
break her heart forever.
Listen now. It’s all a lie.  Forever
has now become a never.
That face she makes, when she’s on
She’s making it now with another
who’s bringing her more pleasure.
Oh, my! You’re seeing red!
You’ve believed everything I’ve said.
What an ass, you little jerk.
Now for the coup d' grace.
Call her up and accuse her
of what has never been.
Break her heart. Shatter her dreams.
Leave her with the scene
Out of control, frantic, rabid,
acting, yes, the fool.
Oh! That sound was Carol shutting
up the door
Of her life, of her love,
of her little heart so poor.
She’ll go back to him
and stay right there
soaking up his abuse.
How could you compare?
She expects it from him. Never from
you. It’s easier to take
When it comes from one
you can’t even love.
She’s left you now, never returning,
thanks to the shove
And the slap, the stab
and the disrespect.
The actions you’ve preached
have nailed you to the track.
She’s gone for good. She’s moved on.
She’s never coming back.”
Then the demon laughed and his derision
emptied out my heart.
I had chosen to believe his lies.
Found them easier to see
Than the love, the life, of the
one God had given me.
I know her pain, the betrayal,
the growing sense of loss.
She runs away, gone to hide,
full of such remorse.
I am a fool in every
For choosing to rely upon
my own tortured past
To tell me how to take and
trash the only love I’ve had.
“Hey, Baby!”
“You sound surprised.”
“I didn’t think...I mean I was sure...”
“You’re an idiot. I told you I’m not going anywhere. You know I can’t stay mad at you.”
“Oh, Carol, I’m so sorry...”
“Stop. I know. You’ve said it already. I forgive you. Everything’s okay, Honey.”
“Oh, Carol,...”
“Would you like to meet me at the trail for a walk? I think the butterflies are still there.”


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