Creative Writing: Her New Best Friend

Baby hurts
Lonely, scared
Too much drama
Too much pain.
Can’t do anything
Too far away
Can’t reach out
To stop the rain.
She would erase 25 years
Hold onto a boy she knew, she loved,
She never kissed
Could they try it again?
Would it have been better?
Would it have been the same?
The passion, the love, the love
Or would that have waned?
Like this here today
So much gone
So much going away
Was there ever anything to gain?
She gave everything
At least for a time
But what can you expect
When loneliness is your best of friends?
She’s found her love
That beautiful boy 
She kisses him now
He lets her mend.
There are times
She laughs and plays
He holds her hand
Together they mend.
But the clock is fast
Faster than home’s
Forces her to part
From her own heart.
Returns to the dungeon
Waits with the strain
Will it break
Or will it bend?
Sits and dreams
Of her new life 
In love with her best friend
No more pain.


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